Our customer is a specialist magazine publisher based in the UK. They use the UK and Export distribution services of well-established businesses in this field.

The Problem

Both our customer and their distributors have their own software systems, managing the distribution of printed titles. To keep our customer and their distributors synchronised the distributors requested magazine title data in specific formats for their systems. For each issue printed, the distributor required the on sale date, price, barcode and revision deadline formatted in a multi-tab spreadsheet.

The Solution

Following discussions with the customer, SP Data Services developed a single screen export utility that automatically generates the required multi-tab spreadsheet directly from their core circulation data. The export takes only seconds to run and can easily be re-run to take account of late changes in the source data.


Due to the complexity of the required spreadsheet, the solution provided by SP Data Services has saved our customer 2 – 3 days a month of manual re-formatting of data.